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Maison des Loives

The Maison des Loives is located in the Chambaran region of Viennois near the abbey of Saint Antoine. The castle, owned by the abbots, was set up as a location to host the peace talks between Viennois and Savoy around 1355.
The aula was painted with a fresco featuring the shields of many of the allies and local vassals of the dauphins of Viennois, the first nine shields representing the main belligerents (Viennois, Savoy and their alliances) from sovereign houses.
The following ten shields are painted with the arms of the barons of Dauphiné (Bressieux, Clermont and Sassenage) and other important vassals of the dauphins with possessions in Chambaran.
The first four abbots since the order was formally established in 1297 have their arms painted on the opposing wall from the princes.
Finally, the last sixteen shields are an inventory of local dynasties in Chambaran. These are some of the most famous neighbours of the abbots and local allies of the dauphins.