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How to

Any shield/ file on the site can be downloaded and edited, simply download the file you want to edit and use either Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape to do so.
Metals, tinctures, creatures, elements, etc and can be found under the Heraldic Elements section.

Uploading files

When uploading a shield/ file to WappenWiki it has to fulfill the following conditions

1. Only SVG format is allowed
2. Files should be saved as 820x952 pixels
3. The save settings below for SVG files must be used, this allows files and elements to be editable between applications.

Click File -> Save As and choose ’SVG (svg)’ as format
Make sure that the two options below are checked

- Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities

Advance Options
- Style Attributes

Not supported as files has a tendency to get corrupted.

Uploaded files that's not following the guidelines stated above will be deleted.