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Herald's Roll

Originally published in 1886 by James Greenstreet under the name Planché's Roll of Arms, the Herald's Roll was named after the Herald's College of Arms. The roll also came to be known as the FitzWilliam Roll after the FitzWilliam Museum of the University of Cambridge where another copy was located.

Probably created for Queen Eleanor of Castile, the roll comprises 696 items, arranged here in three parts, the first and third ones featuring english nobility, preceded by Kings and Princes (1-59) while the second part is reserved for the continental program, mostly copied from the Tournoi de Compiègne Roll.

The originality of this work resides in the unusual presence of women's arms, a recurring theme being the entourage and dynastic alliances of the royal family. A few legendary heroes and arthurian characters were also inserted between the various segments, hinting at court life and the King's passion at the time.

1-356 | 357-591 | 592-696