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User talk:Tech King465

Feel bad about reverting you on Scotland but you should know that current timeline there is about 1500s-1600 top. There may one or two exceptions but generally that is how it is. If you want to list all the Dukes, Marquesses and Earls, etc. you can update the page specific to it linked above the few dukes currently in Scotland page see here. On England page there is a similar link as well, along with Earls and Marquesses. The list includes the name of the person who was a recipient, title they received and in the brackets the year title was created. List goes by date of creation. Also for future notice...if you are uploading a CoA, upload it under the name of the family it belongs to...not the title they hold. Finellach (talk) 12:38, 7 October 2018 (UTC)