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Glover's Roll (B)

Version A | Version B

The Glover's Roll is named after the famous herald of the Elizabethan era, Robert Glover, author (in 1586) of one of the two known copies from the supposed original manuscript. The collection of individuals, exclusively centered on the Kingdom of England, is a testimony of its politics in the time of Henry III, featuring several sequences for various office holders, as well as Savoyards and Poitevins.
The following is the version B of the armorial (or Harvy's), as edited by N.H.Nicholas, A roll of arms compiled in the reign of Henry III, 1829. The amended version B contains 218 items and while a few uncertain items from A were omitted at the time of the copy (c.1310), several more were added at the very end of the roll (212-218, all from c.1310).